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Who Are the Best FIFA 19 Pro Gamers?

Mohammed “Mo Auba” Harkous is the current FIFA 19 world champion. He took home the trophy and the grand prize of $250,000 after defeating Mosaad ‘MsDossary’ Aldossary. Mo Auba is with the Werder Bremen eSports team. The grand final between these two players was an exciting match. The first leg was a tie and Mo Auba won the second leg. His FIFA 19 World Cup journey wasn’t easy. He faced the best three players in the world and 2018’s champion.

Mosaad ‘MsDossary’ Aldossary is the last year’s champion. This year, he made it into the final but lost against Mo Auba. However, MsDossary is still regarded as a fierce opponent and, as himself said it, he will be back for the 2020 World Championship. MsDossary won FIFA 19 Xbox World Championship, the FUT Champions Cup in April and December, and the eSaudi Professional League in 2019.

Fouad “Rafsou” Fares made it into the semi-finals where he lost against MsDossary with 3 to 4. Rafsou represents France. His performance as a FIFA 19 pro-gamer includes being the runner up at the FIFA 18 Global Series Xbox One Playoff and the eLigue 1 champion in 2018. His favorite player is Karim Benzema and his favorite Ultimate Team player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He favors the 4-2-3-1 formation.

Nicolas ‘Nicolas99FC‘ Villalba is an Argentinian player. At this year’s championship, he was in the semi-finals where he lost against the current champion. Nicknamed “Iceman”, Nicolas99FC is known as being a calm player. His performance as a pro-player includes champion of the Copa TyC 2018, winner of the FIFA 18 Global Series PlayStation 4 Playoff, and winner of the FUT Champions Cup Barcelona PlayStation 4.

Corentin “Maestro” Thuillier is a French player. Maestro won the eCopa France and World championships, he was the eLigue-1 runner up, and he was in top eight in FUT Champions Cup Manchester. He made it into the quarter-finals this year where he lost against the champion. Maestro’s favorite footballer is Thiago Mendes and his favorite FUT player is Ronaldo Nazario.