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LaLiga eSports Santander Brings a New Official FIFA 19 Tournament

LaLiga eSports and Electronic Arts join forces to launch the second edition of Virtual LaLiga eSports Santander, a new FIFA 19 competition that will distribute around 20,000 euros among the best. This new edition brings with it, in addition to a different format, the emergence of many professional football clubs that have decided to sign among great players on the national scene to compete in the coming months with their shirts.

LaLiga eSports premiered last year with an edition that exceeded two million viewers through official broadcasts on Facebook Live and Twitch. On that occasion, a series of qualifiers gave the players the opportunity to reach the face-to-face event at the venue, where LosYuruguas92 and JRALion played the grand final between the winner of Xbox One and PS4, respectively. The victory went to the player of Cádiz, LosYuguruas92, although we could see the two recently in an exhibition match in China.

The qualifiers for the group stage of LaLiga eSports

LaLiga eSports Santander of FIFA 19 will have nine tournaments, having started the first on December 3 and ending on the 13th with the first champion. Next year, the rest will be played, starting on January 7 and ending in April. The date of the LaLiga eSports Santander tournaments in 2019 are the following:

• Tournament 2 – from January 7 to 13
• Tournament 3 – from January 21 to 31
• Tournament 4 – from February 4 to 14
• Tournament 5 – from February 18 to 28
• Tournament 6 – from March 4 to 14
• Tournament 7 – from March 18 to 28
• Tournament 8 – from April 1 to 11
• Tournament 9- from April 15 to 25


Each of the tournaments will distribute points. In addition, from the second tournament comes into play King of the Hill, title corresponding to the winner of the previous tournament. The winner of each tournament will play a series with the current King of the Hill to try to snatch the title and be the King of the Hill the following week.

The final phase will be composed of 16 participants. Every winner of a King of the Hill match and the champion of the first qualifying tournament (Kick Off) will have a guaranteed spot in the final phase. The remaining positions will be occupied by the unclassified players with the highest number of points obtained during the previous phase. Well don’t worry if you don’t win, cause all palyers could buy fifa 19 comfort trade safe to get coins and build a good team, it’s enough to enjoy the game.