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How Does the FIFA 19 World Tournament Work?

As in professional football, where FIFA is the flagship organization, the leading exponent of the world’s leading sport; In the eSports related to the world of football, the FIFA saga (from the developer EA Sports), is the undisputed owner and mistress of the panorama. We have already talked about how the Virtual LaLiga eSports Santander works, a FIFA tournament par excellence in Spain that has just finished its second edition.

We have also commented on how the FIFA eNations Cup tournament was (which also added points for the world ranking). Now we are going to discover the most important tournament, worldwide, of the acclaimed EA Sports game.

FIFA eWorldCup 2019: the top of the world of virtual football

To get to the grand final (which has no official date yet confirmed), the path is neither simple nor easy. But what grace would it be if it were simple or easy? This world tournament is the culmination of a series of tournaments, cups, eliminatory, online, offline, matches, matches and more games.

How do we can register?
Simple, the Global Series (or Global Series, in English) is the official ranking that collects the score of all the players who have competed in the almost infinite competitions that FIFA offers to become the FIFA 19 world champion, that is, the best FIFA 19 player buying in the world.

Now that we know how to count and where the points scored are recorded, let’s go to how many points each player can add based on the tournament he decides to play.

FUT Champions Cups and FIFA Majors
The winners can pocket up to 1,500 points for taking one of these tournaments. They have had a total of eight opportunities throughout this season to get such a lucrative prize.
The runners-up would have achieved a not inconsiderable 850 points, which is the highest prize in the next category.