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FIFA Mobile – Team of the Season Program

FIFA Mobile players have a pretty busy time with the new Team of the Season program. This is an event that is meant to recognize and honor some of the best players from well-known football leagues. The program is based on what happens in real football. It lasts for a few weeks and each week comes with new activities and items to collect. Players can expect to see new tots players added to the game. There is a campaign based on the program as well. One of the newest game activities, squad building challenges, are part of the program too. All sorts of events are available to be played. The store has some one of kind deals during this program.

New weekly content is added at the end of the week on Friday. Players can expect new weekly additions throughout the event. The content that is added is a new league and a selection of players that are part of the TOTS for their league. One more player will be available each week through squad building challenges. This player will be part of TOTS as well. There are eight leagues that are part of this program. The two English Leagues, Football League and Premier League, are on the list. La Liga and Calcio A are not missing either. Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Ultimate Team of the Season complete the list. In addition to new leagues and players, the program also includes a campaign. It is called Team of the Season campaign. It is structured into several chapters. There is one primary chapter and also separate chapters for each league. To complete a chapter, players will have to complete three types of activities. There will be live matches, squad building challenges, and VS Attack games. The rewards for these activities include TOTS and league points. Players will also receive XP for training, TOTS XP, and program players. More rewards are available for those who take part in the weekly tournament. Packs and special offers are available from the store. Besides players, buy fifa 18 coins account is a good way to get coins for tots.