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FIFA Mobile – Player Attributes

There are three categories of FIFA Mobile player attributes. A player has attributes, traits, and physical attributes that determine his performance.

FIFA Mobile has a system that determines how players perform on the field. This system is based on attributes. Most of the times, we judge a player by his OVR. This is the general stat that takes into consideration other attributes and gives an overall measurement of the player’s worth. While OVR is a good indicator of a player’s value, there are lots of other attributes to be considered. If you are a new FIFA Mobile player looking to put together a starting team, then you can select the players based on OVR only. If you are a seasoned veteran that is competing against others in competitive modes in the highest divisions, then you need to look at the other attributes as well, not just OVR, when deciding if a player is worth a spot in your squad.

There are three main attribute categories. We will start with the physical attributes as there are just two of them. A FIFA Mobile player is characterized by weight and height. Just like the other attributes, these influence the player’s performance. Weight is an advantage in situations such as tackles and jostling. This attribute usually goes together with strength. Height is one of the important attributes for goalkeepers. This attribute is normally paired with diving. Another category is simply called attributes. There are more than 30 attributes in this one so we won’t list them all. There are five attributes in this category such as goalkeeper handling, goalkeeper diving, and goalkeeper reflexes that only apply to goalkeepers. This category also includes attributes like strength, curve, finishing, dribbling, ball control, agility, balance, free kick accuracy, and more. The third category refers to players traits. There are 31 attributes in this category. Here are some examples. A FIFA player with the Selfish trait will hold onto the ball despite the fact that he could pass to a teammate who is in a better position. Puncher trait is for goalkeepers who punch the ball. The complete description of all attributes can be found online.