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FIFA Mobile – Have you collected the Easter rewards?

FIFA Mobile players have the occasion to take part in an Easter themed in-game event. The event is called Easter and it can be accessed from the Events mode. There is a small requirement to take part in the event. Players need to be at least Amateur rank 3. This is the starting rank and it’s achieved easily by winning a VS Attack game. When players open the event for the first time, they are greeted by Ronaldo who once again takes the role of a guide. He explains that the event is all about playing skill games and VS Attack matches. Players will be rewarded with event currency for taking part in these activities. They will get Easter Eggs. Easter Offers that are unlocked with Eggs give all sorts of prizes. Players can take part in the two Easter activities every eight hours.

Players will notice that the Easter event has two tabs. One is for activities (Main) and the other is for rewards (Hunt). The Main activities map requires players to take part in four events that are progressively unlocked. There are two maps. One is for skill games and the other for VS Attack. Players can tap on a note to see which are the completing requirements and the rewards. If players tap on the Hunt tab, they will see what rewards are obtained. There are also different types of Eggs and all of them are used to unlock rewards.

The store has a selection of event packs as well. The Easter Pack can be bought for coins or FIFA points. It contains an event item, eggs, and training XP. The Easter Bundle costs 10,000 FIFA points and includes 10 Easter packs, a certain type of eggs, an event player, and an event kit. Twenty rainbow eggs can be found inside the Easter Special pack that is bought for real money. Other types of eggs can be bought individually as well. The program offers a fun way to get items and FIFA players.