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FIFA 22 – The Black Friday Best Of Team Of The Week Team 1 Has Arrived

The FIFA 22 Black Friday event brings Best of Team of the Week Team 1 that features some of the best Team of the Week items.


Don’t worry if you don’t have enough FIFA 22 coins, FUTeamgo is here to help you! Black Friday comes to FIFA 22 with a weekend full of activities and items. Players can complete Objectives and various types of Squad Building challenges. New cards are also available. Best of Team of the Week cards aren’t new but, due to their limited availability, it is very easy to miss them. Black Friday brings Best of Team of The Week 1. This is your chance to get those TotW items that you missed in the past. Also, don’t miss the chance to buy cheap FUT 22 coins from FUTeamgo!


Best of Team of the Week Team 1 Player Items


Mbappe has a striker card with 98 pacing, 93 dribbling, 89 shooting, 37 defending, 82 passing, and 79 physical. Salah returns with his Team of the Week right wing card that has 92 pacing, 92 dribbling, 90 shooting, 47 defending, 84 passing, and 79 physical. Son has 90 OVR with 89 pacing, 87 dribbling, 88 shooting, 44 defending, 84 passing, and 71 physical. His card is a left midfielder. Suarez is a striker that has 73 pacing, 85 dribbling, 91 shooting, 48 defending, 84 passing, 85 physical, and 89 OVR. Goretzka has an 88 OVR center midfielder Team of the Week item whose attributes are 82 pacing, 85 dribbling, 83 shooting, 83 defending, 84 passing, and 87 physical. Foden’s stats are 86 pacing, 89 dribbling, 81 shooting, 58 defending, 82 passing, and 60 physical. His card is a left wing with 86 OVR. We have three more cards with the same rating. Jesus Navas is a right back that has 89 pacing, 85 dribbling, 71 shooting, 82 defending, 84 passing, and 63 physical. Roberto Firmino adds an item that has 79 pacing, 90 dribbling, 80 shooting, 60 defending, 80 passing, and 79 physical. His position is center forward. Hernandez is a left wing back whose stats are 95 pacing, 83 dribbling, 74 shooting, 79 defending, 79 passing, and 84 physical. Vinicius Jr has 85 OVR with 98 pacing, 91 dribbling, 80 shooting, 33 defending, 77 passing, and 73 physical. The last card from Team 1 belongs to Upamecano. It has 84 OVR. The stats are 83 pacing, 70 dribbling, 45 shooting, 84 defending, 65 passing, and 83 physical. This card works as a center back. More cards can be acquired from Icon SBCs. These are 88 OVR Roberto Carlos and 87 OVR Hernandez.