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FIFA 21 – The Black Friday Event Is Here


FIFA 21 is hosting a Black Friday event. You can enjoy the Black Friday activities in the most popular game mode, Ultimate Team. This event brings themed activities such as squad building challenges and objectives. Don’t miss these time-limited activities as they allow you to get some nice rewards that you will use to make your team better. Unlike other Black Friday deals that last only for a day, this event lasts for several in Ultimate Team. U7BUY also has a big sale for FIFA 21 coins and players in celebrating this epic event.

Players will start by completing flash squad building challenges. You don’t have much time to complete them so be on the lookout. The rewards for these activities include UCL Rare player pack, 81-84 OVR player pick pack, 80+ OVR Attacker pack, Premium Gold player pack, and more. These are great items that you can surely use for your team so grab them while they are available.

Black Friday in FUT 21 comes with special objectives. You have one week to complete them and to claim items that you will use for your club. This week, we have a special instance of Team of the Week. TotW 9 will have some of the best players featured in this program so far. If you’ve missed them in the past, this is your chance to secure them.

Black Friday adds new items. These are Record Breakers player items. You can find them in packs that you buy from the game store in exchange for FIFA 21 coins. This program features player item cards that have permanent upgrades. These upgrades are based on outstanding achievements in the world of football. We will have a Record Breaker item for the youngest footballer that scored ten goals while playing UEFA Champions League games.

There’s another for the fastest players to get 200 wins in the Premier League. The youngest player that scored 30 goals in Bundesliga gets an item of this. We also have an item that corresponds to the most goals scored in one campaign in UEFA Europa League. The player that got the most assists in one season of the Chinese Super League gets a Record Breaker item as well.

The player with the most passes for the 2019/2020 season in Premier League is also featured. The oldest player in Premier League that got the Golden Boot is also part of this campaign. We have the youngest goalkeeper that played for the national Italian team also. The first player that got 100 assists in Premier League is among the Record Breakers cards. You will also find the achievement for the most goals scored in one season in Major League Soccer.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)