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FIFA 21: See here the best midfielders of the game

The midfielders are in charge of completely managing the game of your team and have the responsibility of giving balance and toughness to the squadevery time of the match in order to be effective when attacking and very solid when defending.

For this reason, it is extremely important that you occupy the middle of the field with the best players, to show your ideas and stylein the matches and compete at a very high level, in this way you will be forming a team with great technical skills that executes your tactical plan on the pitch.

Although the overall points of the players are important, it should also be noted that your style of play is also essential to knowing which player you should add to your roster for in case you have doubts, so before you buy FIFA 21 Coins, you have to decide if you want to have a counterattack team or a team that likes to have possession of the ball.

Without more to add, we present you the best midfielders in FIFA 21:


  • Kevin de Bruyne (91) – Manchester City.

The Belgian midfielder’s last season was extraordinary and he was nominated for UEFA’s best player.

His multiple conditions such as short pass and long pass, in addition to his dangerous medium and long distance shots make him the ideal midfielder to start building a team around his figure, since he is able to adapt to practically all styles of play.


  • Casemiro (89) – Real Madrid.

Casemiro is the best defensive midfielder today, capable of covering defenders when they have to abandon their positions and giving the team a good start with his passes breaking the defensive lines.


  • Joshua Kimmich (88) – BayernMunich.

This German footballer is very versatile and has a wide repertoire of skills to demonstrate on the pitch.

Great defensive ability, dribbling and long passing are just some of the things that Kimmich can bring to your team’s midfield in FUT.


  • Toni Kroos (88) – Real Madrid.

Toni is one of the best passers in football, with a very high rate of effectiveness in complete passes that will give your team fluidity and security to build every attack play.


  • N’goloKanté (88) – Chelsea.

Very few in FIFA have the dynamics offered by this French player, being very fast and decisive in defense, Kanté is perfect to give mobility to the midfield.


  • Luka Modric (87) – Real Madrid.

The quality of Luka Modric is already known to all and even at 35 he is one of the best midfielders in the world for his vision, dribbling and medium-distance shooting.


  • Bruno Fernandes (87) – Manchester United.

Manchester United’s most recent signing has a very good vision and long-range shooting, an ideal attacking midfielder for those who want to have a ’10’ on their FIFA Ultimate Team squad.


  • Fabinho (87) – Liverpool.

Fabinho is the closest player to Casemiro on this list, very good in the defensive phase and with a great shot and ability to pass the ball on attack. An excellent defensive midfielder.


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(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)