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FIFA 20 – Winter Refresh is Here

It’s time for the Winter Refresh in FIFA 20. Just as the name implies, this is a content update regarding Ultimate Team players. New additions are coming to the most popular game mode. Players will be able to obtain new Icon Moments, more rewards from League squad building challenges, and other items that will help them boost their teams.

All 89 Icon players will get a new card. This card captures the players at that moment which made them become football legends. The Icon Moment card is the item that has the best OVR and the best attributes. Players will be able to get a new Winter Refresh team. The players that are part of this team can be found in game packs available from the store.

This is the time of the year when the football clubs are looking to make additions to their teams. You should do the same thing. Head to the game store and check out the new packs. These players have a feature that not all UT footballers have. They will get an upgrade that will help the team when they contribute to team building, fill a role that wasn’t fulfilled, or open up new options for their league and nation. Keep in mind that the Winter Refresh team is available for a limited time.

More rewards are coming for FIFA 20 players. The reward player pick from the League Squad Building Challenge will have one extra player item card. You will need to complete the group SBC to get this reward. Another update concerns the League Objective Player. Each of these items will have a new upgraded version that you can obtain. This is the last upgrade of this type that the player will get. To start the upgrade process, one must have the original league player.

The Winter Refresh comes with a permanent upgrade for the Top 50 most improved footballers. This is done to bring more accuracy into the game and to reflect the players’ performance. Note that the permanent upgrade is applied to the base items that are found in packs. There will be some in-form items that will get an update too. The most improved footballers are the ones that got a +3 OVR from their current base card item.

Note that Ultimate Scream and Future Stars Objectives footballers are not upgraded. The Ultimate Team roster is getting bigger. More than 100 players are making their way into UT. If you are missing FIFA 20 coins for packs, don’t forget to check out the deals at the U7Buy’s store.


(Contributed by Reda)