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FIFA 20 Summer Heat arrived, what cards will reach Ultimate Team?

EA Sports surprised at the end of last week with the announcement of a new event, Summer Heat. The surprise came, in part, because it is a new event, but also because something so close to the TOTSSF was not expected. And less leaving on a Wednesday, since the usual thing is that they leave on Fridays.

Details about the event are still scarce, but as the days go by since EA they have been updating the loading screen of FIFA Ultimate Team and in one of the updates this weekend they gave very valuable information: Summer Heat will be related to others previous promotions.

The four views on the loading screen are, to be more specific, Flashback, FUTMAS, Player Moments and Ultimate Scream. For this reason, everything points to the fact that players from past events could return and also do it with improved versions to match a mode loaded with great cards due to the TOTSSF.

If so, EA Sports has before it the opportunity to bring back cards that have managed to make a place for themselves in the metagame and give them a new boost, either by allowing players who did not do so at the time to access them or, if the case, giving them the necessary momentum to compete against the best.

EA Sports shared a few moments ago a new farewell letter from David Silva (due to leaving Manchester City); Immediately afterwards, a batch of letters was presented and will arrive in the next week.

The next update of the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team game mode is scheduled for June 17. These are the Summer Heat cards, which would improve the numbers of the players who already returned to the fields after the break due to the coronavirus.

Other rumors indicate that it could be a Winter Refresh version but half a year. The funny thing is that the transfer market has been affected by quarantines, so it is not known what type of cards we will see in Ultimate Team.

Possibly, it is the first option and we will see the best of LaLiga, the Premier League and Bundesliga, as they are some of the major leagues that have already resumed.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)