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FIFA 20 – FUT 20 Player Days Event

FUT 20 Player Days is a FIFA 20 event dedicated to the most popular game mode Ultimate Team. This celebration includes content from the newest game update Conmebol Libertadores, squad building challenges, pack offers, and lots of other rewarding features. More than 800 new footballers have been added to the game. They are from Conmebol Libertadores and Sudamericana. These are base item cards.

There are also special Conmebol cards that we will be talking about next. A new collection of players is available. There are 30 new players in this collection. All the footballers are from Conmebol Libertadores. They are from this season’s tournament. The cards have received permanent upgrades. These players are available in packs but some of them will be released as dynamic objectives and squad building challenges. From now on, expect to see Conmebol Man of the Month items as well.

Players will receive free packs based on how much they have played FIFA 20. If you have been a day one player, you can be sure that your loyalty will be rewarded. Those who have been playing for more than 156 days will get an Ultimate pack. If you have played between 119 and 155 days then you qualify for a Rare Mega Pack. If you have between 61 and 118 days in FIFA 20, you get a Prime Gold Players Pack.

The Jumbo Premium Gold Pack is for those who have been playing for at least 11 days. If you want more packs from the store, you will be glad to know that you can take advantage of some special deals. Buy One Get One Free allows you to get two packs for the same money. Coin Discount packs give you the chance to save up to 50% on packs.

Don’t miss the chance to get all Prime Icons in Draft mode. This will be a time-limited activity so be careful. There will also be a time-limited objective that rewards a draft token. The first weekend of the event comes with a time-limited objective group. Those who are taking part in the FUT Champions Weekend League will have extra player picks. Keep an eye out for the new round of Icon Swaps. The third round allows players to get Icon items.

If you want to make sure that you are not missing any event activity, follow FIFA 20 on social media. If you want more FIFA coins and players, check out the U7Buy store for special deals and great prices!


(Contributed by Reda)