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FIFA 19 With Cross-play?

All, absolutely all of us have friends who play in different consoles. It is extremely difficult to get the whole group to congregate into one (either PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PC).

Reason for which, different companies have made efforts to bring us the cross-platform game. The most recent example of this is Fortnite, who announced at E3 that there would be “cross-play”.

However, we must point out that one of the pioneers in the cross game is Rocket League, who allowed their Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch players to play together without any problem.

The shame of PS4

Unfortunately, Sony does not think the cross-game is a good idea or at least it makes us think, since it has always been intolerant to allow its users to play with people with Xbox One, PC or Switch. In truth it is a pity this measure.

A glitter of hope

At E3 2018 Matt Prior, creative director of EA Sports, was questioned about the possibility of the existence of cross-play in FIFA 19, to which he replied as follows:

“We have studied this and it has been talked about a lot, there are a lot of problems to solve when working with first-party companies, but Fortnite has allowed the cross-game between PC and consoles.”


“With regard to FIFA, this is something we are aware of and we know how important it is for our fans, I think a shared network is very beneficial for the players, but it will have to wait, who knows, maybe one day it will happen”.

What did you think of his statements? If this happened, what about FIFA 19 Coins? Would you like to play FIFA 19 with your friends from different consoles? Do not forget to leave us your opinion.