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FIFA 19 News

We continue analyzing the news that FIFA 19 has to offer us. Now it’s the turn of the journey, career mode and FUT.

The journey
Since its official launch in FIFA 17, ‘The journey’ has been a success among its players. The exciting story of Alex Hunter, a young British man who fought hard to achieve his dream of becoming a footballer, completes his third installment. This time, in addition to playing with Hunter, you can decide and influence the future of three professional players.

Career mode
Fans of FIFA in their first seasons fell in love with the career mode. This tool that over the years has managed to maintain despite the fact that online features are the ones that predominate with great force. This way in which you can form the template of your dreams as long as you carry out a good campaign that allows the entry of money, added unique details that allow you to enter the world of football.

Ultimate Team
The favorite way of FIFA fans underwent great transformations. The animation of the envelopes, the valuation of the FIFA 19 players buy, the incorporation of a great number of faces of players of the Santander League are some of the surprises that we could analyze in these days that we tested the game.

One of the attractions of Ultimate Team is the appearance of special cards, in these 20 days after the release of the game have come all kinds of cards as ‘Player of the Month’ of the Premier League, ‘Retro Flashback’, ‘Champions’ players ‘,’ IF ‘, among others.

In terms of sales volume, the game has been a success in England, Spain and the United States. However, it is expected that in the coming months it will increase considerably. Players need to buy fifa 19 coins sometime to fully enjoy the game. But still this have been the most complete game ever.