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FIFA 19 eChampions League

A new FIFA 19 tournament is available for next year’s season. The new league is called eChampions League and it is part of the Global Series tournament. UEFA Champions League became a feature in FIFA games starting with 2018. The new tournament is part of the many events from the Road to Final for the next FIFA eWorld Cup. Those who manage to get into this tournament will match skills playing against others on PlayStation 4. There are three scheduled events. One will take place at the beginning of March. This is the eChampions League Global Online Knockout tournament. The best 64 players get the chance to take part in a live tournament that is played at the end of April. This event is more demanding. Eight players will qualify for the next round which is the final. It will be played on March 31 in Madrid, Spain. Football fans surely know that the real UEFA Champions League Final is played the next day on June 1st. The date for the eChampions League final was set one day before the real event on purpose to give football enthusiasts more reasons to celebrate.

The real UEFA Champions League and the eLeague have more in common. The players that are part of the final will use football players from the real tournament group stages. The player who wins the final gets $100,000 prize and also 850 points that will be of great help for the Global Series. The total prize pool for the eChampions League is $280,000 so the other participants will also be rewarded for their effort and skills. Players that want to take part in this new tournament better start preparing. It will be announced soon how players can register for this tournament and what are the other participation conditions. As usual, the most recent news about FIFA 19 and the upcoming tournaments are posted on Twitter so make sure to follow the official account.