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FIFA 18 Switch and the value of offline games

As much as you end up knowing a game during an analysis, you can not always taste it. There are cases, not a few, in which criticisms are unable to capture some nuances that are gained over time, with weeks and use. I qualified FIFA 18 for Switch as the beginning of something big, a solid bet for the Nintendo machine that may be the best FIFA if Electronic Arts wants it, and three months after I got it, it’s something I reaffirm.

What I did not know at the time is that this portable version has much easier to stand out in the field of downtime. We all have those ten or fifteen minutes between hours and if something knows how to do very well the Joy-Con machine is to fill them. Its default mode by default or the speed with which it starts make it as close to the plug and play of the present generation. And that changes the experience with FIFA.

With the boom of the envelopes and the online I do not know if you will, but I am one of those who still take a few seasons offline for the simple pleasure of uploading a mediocre team to the top. As I can´t invest the same daily playing time as before, I optimize and I am much more selective, which in turn makes the idea of entering the game, managing the squad, preparing signings, scouting and finally playing more time that I have. But Nintendo Switch knows how to solve that.

This portable version allows me to direct my eleven during the time of the coffee, picking up the machine and jumping directly to the management menu of the team, where I had stayed. Fast and direct. I can leave half parties to take them back when convenient, something that in PS4, Xbox One or PC requires a much greater time and energy expenditure, and I also have the possibility of re-hooking them away from the room, carrying the switch on top. I go for the third year without simulations and I know that in the rest of platforms it had not happened of the first one.

I’m not talking about new features such as quick substitutions, the whole collision system or the current ball control are one or two points ahead of this improved Ignite. Hopefully EA will rethink the change to its flagship engine; Surely Switch could support it and, in addition, the experiment would leave a very powerful version adding the advantages that I expose.

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