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FIFA 18: Gonzalo Higuain Commits a Blooper in the Ultimate Team

The football career of Gonzalo Higuain is considered successful at the club level, perhaps not so much with his Argentina National Team. However, the forward has always been the victim of criticism, and also of ridicule, for certain situations experienced during some games that football has played.
The ‘Pipita’ is always the center of attention for any mistake made facing the goal. Despite being a high caliber goal scorer, Gonzalo Higuain has also had bloopers, so, to his dismay, that detail has been more remembered. Today, in social networks, a video where he is the protagonist went viral.

Football fans have in the video game FIFA 18 one of the main ways of staging what a footballer lives in his career. The brand, known for its royalty, has drawn attention to the situation in which the ‘Pipita’ Higuain is being presented and suffering from a fall that would be thought impossible.

One of the envelopes brought Gonzalo Higuain, but, as he trotted off, he stumbled. The attacker’s virtual version got up immediately, with a clear gesture of not understanding what was happening. The video has generated a lot of repercussion and the comments towards the now AC Milan player highlight his ‘error’.

What do you think about it?

Are you a fan of Argentino Gonzalo Higuaín? Do you think it was a lack of respect or part of his character?
We believe that it was a great success and that this will make his popularity grow even more than it already is.

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