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FIFA 18 – Did you vote for the Community Team of the Season?

Team of the Season is a FIFA 18 Ultimate Team program that has the best season’s players. In most cases, the football players who are chosen to be part of TotS are chosen by the game team. But time has come for an exception to this rule to be made. The Team of the Season for April 2018 will be decided by the community. The choice is put in fans’ hands. They have the chance to vote for their favorite players by visiting two websites, Futhead and Futwiz. These are two of the most popular FIFA 18 Ultimate Team community websites. Both websites provide databases with UT players, squads, and tools such as the draft simulator and squad builder. Lots of UT fans visit these websites on a daily basis as they contain a ton of useful information.

It was officially announced on Twitter that TotS April 2018 will be revealed at the end of the month. Players are encouraged to visit the two websites and cast their votes. A login is necessary to vote on Futhead. The account can be done in just a few minutes so this is not an issue. On Futwiz, there is no need to be logged in to choose players. There are 23 players who will be part of the final TotS. They will all be selected based on what the community decides to vote. There are 100 players to choose from and the list can be checked out on Futhead. Players are organized based on their role. First we have the forwards, then the midfielders, followed by the defenders, and ending with the goalkeepers. There are 36 players in the first category, 35 in the second one, 20 in the third, and nine in the fourth. Clicking on a player will open up his profile where all of his attributes and price graph can be seen. All Ultimate Team fans are invited to make their voice heard by choosing who the next TotS will be. The results will be announced on the official FIFA 18 Twitter page. Buy UT 18 coins and get ready in advance if you want to get these good fifa players for your team.