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Cemor1987 triumphs with the Eagles

Eight finalists competed in the grand finale of the Madden NFL 18 German Masters – presented by nexible. Each represented a division of the NFL. In the end, Cemor1987 won the tournament with his Philadelphia Eagles and thus secured tickets to the Pro Bowl.

While in the NFL the playoffs go into the decisive phase, the decision has already been made at the consoles. In the MADDEN NFL 18 German Masters, the best Madden gamers in Germany competed on the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.

The tournament victory was secured by Cemor in 1987 with his Philadelphia Eagles in the final against GoPacksGo, who competed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The final round was commented on by Patrick Esume, Roman Motzkus and Mattis Oberbach, moderated by Max Zielke.


The results at a glance


Redman (Patriots) vs. memory93 (Chargers) 7:28

A definite affair, since the offense of Redman does not work the entire game at all.

GoPackGo (Steelers) vs. sweater31 (Jaguars) 21:14

A very close game, in which both teams take turns to pour the touchdowns. At 21:14 and 1:30 minutes to play, sweater31 throws an interception.

Ts1306 (Packers) vs. Olli (Falcons) 10:17


For a long time it remains a tight box. An interception from endzone to endzone brings the decision for Olli.

Cemor1987 (Eagles) vs. goethe90 (Seahawks) 17:13

Both teams do not come into play well at first. In the third quarter Cemor1987 then manages a 70-yard touchdown and brings the victory.



Olli (Falcons) vs. Cemor1987 (Eagles) 21:30

Cemor1987 takes the lead early. Olli comes later to tours, in the end too late. Olli’s onside kick does not work out shortly before the end. The game was decided by it.

GoPackGo (Steelers) vs. memory93 (Chargers) – 27:20

Memory93 shows wonderful tricks, but a touchdown 22 seconds before the end brings the decision for GoPackGo.



Cemor1987 (Eagles) vs. GoPackGo (Steelers) 31:28

At the beginning, the final is an open Schagabtausch (7: 7), but then Cemor1987 finds his goal with almost all passes and pulls away. At break, he already leads with 21:10 to the break. Then GoPackGo comes into play better and works its way up. However, because in the end an onside kick does not work, Cemor1987 secured with the Philadelphia Eagles the tournament victory and the tickets for the Pro Bowl.