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Celebrate the Year of the Dog in NBA Live Mobile

The Year of the Dog is celebrated in NBA Live Mobile with a new program that features live events, gold and elite players, and new sets.

The month of February is a busy one for NBA Live Mobile players. A new event, Lunar New Year, that honors the Year of the Dog, will take place starting the 6th until the end of the month. Lunar New Year program, or LNY for short, comes with player cards, events, and sets. Players are invited to check out the daily Lunar Challenge Event. This event is a great opportunity to get LNY gold players. These will be used in sets. Players should also keep an eye for the live event called Year of the Dog.

The rewards for taking part in this event are special items called Firecrackers and Chinese Knots. These items are needed to get elite program players. All LNY live events are themed to match the holiday. Players also get the chance to meet Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. Tracy McGrady started his career in 1997 as a Toronto Raptors member. In the last year of his career, 2013, he played for the Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles. Yao Ming is currently the president of the Chinese Basketball Association. His NBA career lasted for nine years alongside the Houston Rockets. He is the first international NBA player who skipped the college phase.

More than 20 new players are available to collect. There are nine gold program players such as Gerald Green, Vlad Divac ’95, and Andre Miller ’02. Ten elite players are joining the LNY roster. Some of them are Patty Mills, Steve Francis ’05, and Bonzi Wells ’02. Master player items are found in NBA Live Mobile packs that are bought from the store. These players are upgraded with the elite LNY players. There is one classic master player and one NBA master player. These are Dennis Rodman and Blake Griffin. More than 10 themed sets are available during the LNY event. The sets provide a great opportunity to upgrade the players that have been earned from other activities. There are also sets that reward LNY elite player items. Users are encouraged to log in and play every day if they wish to complete the entire program before February 28th. NBA live mobile coins can play the important role for your playing,to buy more better players to help you to win more games.