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Three unbeatable goalkeepers who stop everything in FIFA 18

Many soccer scholars maintain that the best defense is a good attack. And maybe they’re right, but in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team we know that does not work that way. If things do not work back, it does not matter how good you are when it comes to scoring goals: your opponent will see a goal in each of his offenses.

That’s why, both we and any expert player of FIFA 18, recommends you have a good insurance back with which to be at ease when deploying your style of play. Having a good goalkeeper in FUT is basic if you want to do well in the popular game mode of the EA title. Therefore, we have made our own selection of the five best cards (we always talk about basic, that is, Unique Gold) to have your goal safe.

David De Gea

He is not the best FIFA 18 Player in terms of average (Manuel Neuer surpasses him). However, De Gea is in our opinion the goalkeeper who best behaves under sticks in FIFA 18. They have seen eSports matches that he has sustained himself with countless paradons. For something is the most used among pro players.


Thibaut Courtois

Courtois is one of the most sought-after goalkeepers in the game. The second best keeper of the Premier League after De Gea, this year is once again one of the most chosen in the weekend FUT Champions. More than one has put the cry in the sky after the Belgian has taken more than a clear goal.

Hugo Lloris

Another goalkeeper of the Premier League. Undoubtedly, the English league is the competition that best goalkeepers have of all FIFA 18. Cheaper than De Gea and Courtois (currently on the market around 40,000 coins), Lloris has a stretched and reflexes that little have to envy others with more media.