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The Update of the World Cup in Russia is Full of Problems

You bring months and months of rumors and confirmations, we finally have in our hands the new update of FIFA 18 and in U7Buy we already had the opportunity to try it. In fact, we already made an article about it, but the time has come to tell the truth about the update. That’s right, it’s full of failures.

An update that needs an update

To begin with, the first thing we did not like is that the most popular game mode (which we had the opportunity to test in the FIFA World Cup 2010 and 2014 games) was to play the online tournament. Broadly speaking, the format was the same as that of the real tournament; however, in this version, the game begins to the second round, which means that it is halfway through.

There is no personalization of the team

This is being written on May 31st, so, taking that into account, today the teams’ templates are incomplete.

Being honest, this is not a problem, since the final lists have not been registered, so a template update can correct everything. What is definitely a problem is that they do not give us the opportunity to customize the templates, the number of players or the number of selected.

Ultimate Team Down

The update of the World Cup in Russia also includes an update for FUT, since it is the favorite mode of all, but until now, most of the corrections to the game are for FUT, mainly for the store, which, as they could realize, was dropped during a post-launch time.

We hope that EA will listen and read the problems that this update is causing. The 2018 World Cup in Russia starts in 2 weeks, so you must hurry so that the update is on par with reality.