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The 10 Best Players Throwing Fouls in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 has a large amount of statistics that define the possibilities of the players. These, in addition, they are changing in the time according to the season that their players are realizing, and that is also seen in a section that is key for the game: the launching of faults. A shot on a set piece from the front or on the line of three quarters can be definitive to achieve a victory, so it is worth having control of the great specialists of this type of action.

Naturally, you can´t miss a name like Messi, who in recent years has become a player with a natural gift to score more fouls than penalties. The attacker of Barça is an absolute reference in many statistics, but also stands out precisely in this where various elements are conformed as accuracy in fouls, shot power, far shots or the effect they are capable of giving.

Under all these premises, we reviewed the 10 most outstanding fouls pitchers of the game to date, something that can work in career mode as well as in online seasons or in FUT. Remember that the game already has team of the week 25 and that they have been updating players in the Spanish league or others with improvements in the dribbles. It is worth taking everything into account before covering the purchase fifa 19 players safe in any of the modes.

In any case, these are the ten best free throws of FIFA 19:

1. Leo Messi (Barça) – Precision fouls: 94 / far shot: 94
2. Giovinco (Al Hilal) – Precision fouls: 93 / Far throw: 81
3. Pjanic (Juventus) – Precision fouls: 92 / Far throw: 82
4. Bardhi (Levante) – Precision fouls: 91 / Far shot: 84
5. Çalhanoglu (Milan) – Precision fouls: 90 / Far throw: 88
6. Parejo (Valencia) – Precision fouls: 90 / Far throw: 82
7. Plattenhardt (Hertha) – Precision fouls: 89 / Far throw: 55
8. Kolarov (Roma) – Precision misses: 88 / Long throw: 86
9. Depay (Lyon) – Precision fouls: 88 / Far throw: 81
10. Nakamura (Iwata Jubilee) – Accuracy faults: 88 / Far Shot: 77