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NBA Live Mobile – Did you get used to the new My Team feature?

NBA Live Mobile My Team is a Season 2 feature that allows players to manage their two lineups, to view and upgrade players and coaches.

One of the most important NBA Live Mobile changes brought by Season 2 is the way players manage their teams. The better part of the user interface has changed and players can now enter My Team mode by tapping the My Team panel on the home screen. The panel also shows the NBA and the classic lineups so players can quickly view the assigned basketball players and OVR without opening the My Team screen.

The My Team menu allows players to modify team setup and to train players. As soon as My Team is opened, players will see their lineups. They can quickly activate a lineup by tapping the section that says “NBA Lineup” or “Classic Lineup”. Both screens have the same options.

If the “Update Team” button is enabled, that means that cards with better OVR are available. When players obtain better OVR items, they are immediately notified that an upgrade is available and they can quickly add the new cards to the lineup. The “View All Items” button allows players to view all the items, including players and tokens, that are not currently used in a lineup. On the Bench tab shows all players that are not part of the lineup. A player’s card can be tapped for more options. The Quick Sell button can be used to rapidly exchange the player for coins. It should be noted that a better price may be obtained by selling the player on the auction house.

Not all players have the Quick Sell option. If the player item can be used for a set, players will see an Add to Set option under the Quick Sell button. Some quick info about the set is also displayed here. Tapping the player’s card will reveal basic attributes, skill boosts, bench boosts, and abilities. The View More button displays the complete attribute list. The Coaches tab is similar to On the Bench but coach items are shown instead of player items. Same options are available. The Collectibles tab shows all collected tokens. Items can be quickly sold although it is highly recommended to use them for their intended purpose. The Unclaimed Items tabs shows all acquired items (such as unopened packs) that have not yet been claimed.