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I Played 10 Hours of FIFA 20 Early Access, It Turned Out…

The full game of FIFA 20 has now been released to customers who chose the champions or ultimate edition. However, over at U7BUY we spare no expense when it comes to helping our customers to have the best chance at success in FIFA. So we purchased EA access and played our 10 hours pre-release to get all the info you need.


The Beginning

The first choice you make is your starter nation. For this you should pick the nation that you would like to continue building your ultimate team into. Obviously, this is not that important as you will be ideally upgrading most of the players anyway but its good to have a head start. The more popular nations to pick are generally: England and France but Spain and Germany seem to be growing this year.

Your next choice is your loan player. This is where you get to choose 1 of 5 world class players for a limited amount of time for one position. Most people choose a player where the team is potentially weakest and fits into the team chemistry-wise, others just pick the best player and use a super sub. There is a trick that not many players know about; when you select the position, if there is not a player you want, you can actually press B or circle to go back and select a different position. However, the player selections are the same for each area of the pitch.

Kit selection is the last beginner stage, you get a choice of 9 different kits for your home and then another 9 for your away. After that, you choose a badge from another selection of 9 and then you are ready to go.



If you are a returning player (from Fifa 19), you should have some ‘Welcome back’ rewards. These should consist of:

  • 2 Kits
  • 1000 coin boost for 15 matches
  • 4 all players packs
  • 2 gold packs
  • 1 loan reward pack

These are great for jump starting your Fifa 20 career and improving your team but are not essential to success if you dont have them.

From our experience, the best way to start is to complete the objectives, particularly the ‘Foundations’ section. This will earn you more packs, coins, xp and consumables, all useful for the beginning of your team. The objectives are split into different denominations, listed in the order you should do them (starting with the easiest first). It is not compulsory to do this but it’s the most efficient method. The packs you gain from these will be untradeable, however you can input those into SBC to get tradeable rewards back. We will go into the objectives and SBC in a little bit more detail in another post.

Although it may take a while, you should play squad battles (offline) until your team is at a good standard to be able to compete online. This will give you good packs and coins in rewards to build up.

Now your team should be well into becoming a competitive set of players but you could give yourself a massive advantage if you head over to U7BUY where you can purchase enough FIFA coins to fill out your dream team and dominate online.


(Contributed by Nathan Needham)