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FIFA 22 Title Update 3 patch note

A huge update, Title Update 2 was released last week for FUT 22 to adjust the effectiveness of AI-controlled players and other changes. Next week, a new update for FUT 22 is likely expected to be dropped for console players, following the release for PC and Stadia earlier this week.


The Title Update 3 is going to fix the stability issues during online matches, here are the full patch notes for FUT 22 Title Update 3 listed below.



The update addressed the following issues.

Rolling of the football during a free kick.

The dysfunction of referee in some rare situations.

Some issues that could happen during 2nd half.

The range control of goalkeepers at the attempts to make a dicing save.

The blind cancellation of the referee’s advantage call.

When playing as a locked player, the opposing defence can continue to follow the locked player deep into their own half.


Career Mode

An adjustment has been added to Team Sheet shortcut on the training hub, which allows the manager to access to Team Sheets faster.

When transferred to a new club during player career, professional players with an OVR of 86 or above will immediately become part of the starting XI.

The loss of Career Mode Progression.

The Avoid Conceding objective UI did not display correctly.


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