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FIFA 21 Will Feature The First Ever Female Voice

Nira Juanra, who works as a presenter and reporter for Gol Television on La Liga and Champions League, will make history in the Spanish edition of the popular football video game. The 41-year old has previously provided coverage of Formula One and will essentially be the female/Spanish Geoff Shreeves on this year’s game when it is released worldwide on October 9. Her voice will be heard in commentaries, making important announcements regarding substitutions and injuries.
Nira Juanra will be joined by compatriots Manolo Lama, Paco Gonzalez and Antonio Ruiz in the commentator’s seat of FIFA 21. As far as the English language version of the game, it’s expected that Martin Tyler will once again be telling Alan Smith how good his heading ability is during the game, with Derek Rae and Lee Dixon doing the Europa League and Champions League fixtures for the second year running.
FIFA, or rather Football, in general, is a male-dominated patriarchal sport. It’s not to say that female participation from FIFA, the tournament, and FIFA, the video game series was completely empty. It’s just that the male side of the game received much more attention than its female counterpart, both in real-world and in-game.
EA’s move to add a female voice to the game is the first step to make the game an inclusive, and non-biased video game.


When Is FIFA 21 Coming?

FIFA 21 is set to release on the first week of October, with the initial release date announced on their website is to be October 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. But one can pre-order the game now.
Other key inclusions this term sees three new skill moves, a Trent Alexander-Arnold-inspired crossing technique, real-life referees and the ability to pass to your centre-backs in their own box from a goal kick.
Meanwhile, the release date of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be announced later in this year. All the excitement around the game is ever-rising.
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(Contributed by Sarthak Khurana; Edited by Hermes_Fang)