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FIFA 21 – What Is The Next Level?

The FIFA 21 reveal trailer promises us to take things to the next level. To be honest, we hear this each time a new EA SPORTS game is announced. What does it mean exactly? This year’s next level is not just about FIFA 21, it’s also about Madden 21, the American football game simulation from EA SPORTS. We’ve seen an impressive trailer advertising this next level. The video is made with in-game footage and it looks amazing. Some parts of it look so real that you could swear that the in-game players are real humans playing on a real field. This year’s next level refers to the next-gen consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

FIFA 21 teases faster than ever loading times. The stadium elements and environment will load like never before so you can start the match right away without losing immersion. Speaking of immersion, the game will deliver an authentic match atmosphere. Before the match cinematics give you an amazing experience. This is as close to real football as it gets. The players are not just characters you control and the fans are not just NPCs. Both players and fans react based on what’s happening on the field enriching the immersive atmosphere.

Special attention was put into creating the environment. A new system called deferred lighting system helps create an authentic experience. A new technology was used to take stadium audio to the next level. It is called spatialized audio technology. It surrounds the player with the sounds of the crowd and creates an unbelievable atmosphere. Weather conditions received an overhaul as well. The visual details were enhanced. You won’t see just more particles and realistic effects but also how the weather is affecting the players’ appearance and their clothes. The environmental visuals adapt to the weather. For example, you will see snow on the field in winter.

The players are looking more realistic than ever. The team developed new technologies that allow it to create realistic player physiques. You will notice that the dynamic lighting system comes into play here. The light highlights players’ faces, hair, and clothes. The players in the game look the same as the real ones. In-game characters are created using motion capture. This creates realistic movement when the players run, change direction, sprint, or do other moves on the playing field. The players quickly respond to the users’ instructions thanks to enhanced animation technology.

Last but not least, the new Dual Sense PS5 controller features haptic feedback that allows you to feel the game experience through your hands as well. FIFA 21 pre-orders have started.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)