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FIFA 21: Luis Suárez Moments is also available now in FUT

EA Sports has introduced the Luis Suarez Moments card to FIFA Ultimate Team, alongisde the arrival of Paulo Dybala Moments and the reveal of all the players who are part of the FIFA 21 TOTY.
The Luis Suárez Moments event will be available until January 31 in objectives and we already have it to analyze it and tell you if it is worth meeting the challenges of this card that has many advantages, but also some weaknesses.
Luis Suárez Moments card review.
Let’s talk about your weaknesses first. Luis Suárez Moments’ card has a scant 79 points of pace that make him a fairly slow striker if we compare him with other strikers of his quality.
His acceleration only reaches 81 points, while his sprint is 77 points, which makes Suárez a quite deficient player to play on the counter, since moderately fast defenders will be able to defend him without major problems due to their lack of speed.
As if that were not enough, his dribbling attributes are not the best either, since he only has 83 points of agility and 86 points of balance. This makes Suárez a very vulnerable forward in the open field with not many resources to keep the ball and dribble.
Of course, taking into account that this card is free, its attributes are more than decent for players who are starting to build a high-level team. In fact, you can take advantage of it to sell FIFA Coins online that you have left over, because Suárez will be enough to raise your level in FUT step by step.
A lethal weapon inside the box.
What is undeniable is that Luis Suárez is a very effective player inside the box, since his four stars of skillful movements allow him to get rid of rivals in reduced space with a series of filigree that will allow him to face the goal in question seconds.
In addition, Suárez is a forward with 89 strength points who can pivot quite well and hold the ball inside the area and even get the occasional penalty against the most unwary defenders.
If at any point he manages to get ahead of the defender in a run, Suarez will know how to use his body to not let the defender take the ball from him, something that makes up for his lack of speed on long distances.
Impressive shooting ability.
Without a doubt, Luis Suárez’s best weapon are his shots. If we equip him with the Hunter chemistry he can reach 99 completion points, 92 long shot points and 98 power shot points.
Also, his four bad leg points make him an unpredictable player, as he is able to shoot very well with both legs. Suárez is a master at taking shots from very complicated places and he also does good movements among the defenders to win the position.
In conclusion, this card from Luis Suárez is very good if we consider that it can be obtained for free, but he is far from keeping up with the best forwards in FIFA Ultimate Team due to his lack of speed.
FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.