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FIFA 19 – Pro Clubs

FIFA 19 has a game mode called Pro Clubs. This is a feature that gives players the opportunity to make a Virtual Pro character. They will choose a position and join other players for games. This mode simulates the new player experience in an online competitive environment. As players take part in games with their Virtual Pro characters, they build their match rating. This rating will affect the attributes and their evolution. Players will be rewarded with skill points for taking part in games. These skill points are used to unlock traits. Players are free to design their character in any way they want. There are different types of games that can be played within this mode. There are drop in games. Players can be part of a club as well. New players are advised to join a club, rather than making a new one. Once players are in a club, they will start to gain points for their club. Just like in real football, the goal is to advance to Division 1. New clubs start in Division 10.
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Each club has a few stats such as total number of points, won titles and cups, number of wins, losses, and draws. Players can go to the clubs overview section and check out the club’s progress in the current season. You can view the best 100 clubs or look up a certain club if you know its name. Scouting the adversary is an acceptable tactic. Players can find out more about a club by looking at the team composition and individual players. On a club’s profile, you can view the current division ranking. The total number of members and the position breakdown are also displayed. The profile also shows how many points are needed for the next division. If the club won any trophies, these will be shown as well. The match and club history are also available. The URL to a club’s profile can be copied and shared with others.