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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Birthday Event

FUT Birthday is a FIFA 18 event that is held each year. This event marks the release of Ultimate Team, a mode that massively contributed to the game’s popularity over the years. Ultimate Mode became more than just a side activity. It’s a different way to play the game. There are a significant number of players that enjoy FIFA 18 thanks to this mode. The developers are well aware of this and so they decided to celebrate everyone’s favorite mode by having a birthday event. Ultimate Team turns nine in 2018. The event comes with a special birthday squad and lots of activities.

The birthday squad is a selection of popular Ultimate Team players from past FIFA games. Most of these items have had their rating and position adjusted so they are a better reflection of what’s going on in the present. Here are some of these players. Cristiano Ronaldo from FIFA 10 and FIFA 11 has 95 rating and his position is now right wing from left wing. There are two more players with a rating that is above 90. These are Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale. Hazard’s rating is 91 and Bale’s is 90. Cesar Azpilicueta has changed from center back to right back. His rating is 88 and he is one of the veteran Ultimate Team players. All players from UT Birthday squad are above 81 rating. It goes without saying that all of them make terrific team additions. The new FUT 18 players are found when opening packs.

Besides the birthday players, the event adds squad building challenges and objectives that can be completed over the course of a week. Players have the chance to take part in some themed squad building challenges such as End of an Era and more. The birthday event happens to take place at the same time as a holiday. Players will notice that there are some available Patrick’s Day activities as well. The items won from Patrick’s Day objectives can be put to good use for other event activities so it’s definitely worth the time to complete them all.